Membership is open to all who have an interest in NLP in Slavic languages. ACL membership is recommended but not required. Membership can be obtained either through provided electronic means or by filling a membership form in conjunction with a SIG meeting. There is no membership fee.

Upon joining, the new member will be asked to select her/his primary language of interest (PLI). The PLI may be changed at any time, but a member may be associated with only one primary language of interest at any given time (even if s/he has an interest in multiple Slavic languages). The information about the PLI will be used only in the Voting Procedure.


Please use the → automatic Google Form for registration to join. In case of questions, please contact SIGSLAV

List of current members

Anyone with an interest in SIGSLAV is welcome to join. The profile of each SIG member may provide brief information, including:

The items marked with * are required. Any of the above items can be changed at any time later.

The aim is to build a community around the SIG. Here you can quickly find people working on topics related to your interests, possibly in close geographical proximity. As the list grows, so will the information it provides, and so will the benefits.

To be expanded:

Name Affiliation Country Research Interests Primary Language of Interest