Welcome to the Home Page of SIGSLAV—the Special Interest Group on Slavic Natural Language Processing

Our SIG is dedicated to computational linguistics for Slavic languages. The purpose of SIGSLAV is to promote interest in basic and applied research on natural language processing (NLP) in all Slavic languages, including in areas such as: morphological analysis and generation, syntactic and semantic tagging, named-entity recognition, information extraction, co-reference resolution, question-answering, information retrieval, text summarization and machine translation.

News and Announcements

1 November 2016:
Call for Papers is now open!
SIGSLAV-sponsored: BSNLP 2017: → the 6th Workshop on Balto-Slavic Natural Language Processing
4 April 2017, Valencia, Spain
26 August 2016:
SIGSLAV mailing list is started.
28 July 2015:
SIGSLAV Advisory Board is announced.
23 March 2015:

SIGSLAV-Sponsored: BSNLP 2015: → the 5th Biennial Workshop on Balto-Slavic Natural Language Processing
10-11 September

Held in conjunction with RANLP-2015 5-11 September, Hissar, Bulgaria
15 January 2015:
SIGSLAV Web page has been launched.
27 November 2014:
ACL has approved the proposal to create SIGSLAV—the SIG on Slavic NLP.